Cisco Italia

The company has an area in the Fondazione CR Firenze’s Innovation Center, an environment designed for the city and driven by the concept of flexible work, where the charm of a late 17th century Medici granary blends with the very concept of innovation.

Following the experiences of the Talent Garden in Milan and of the Federico II University in Naples, Cisco Italia is now making a halt in the Tuscan capital to ensure that it is in the front line in those places where the concept of innovation plays a leading role. An international player of Cisco’s calibre encourages a working model as flexible as possible, especially when technological evolution encounters the need to adopt new places, ways and concepts of working, to be citizens and to develop businesses capable of eradicating geographical distances with the greatest possible flexibility.

Eradicating distances for Cisco means not just managing the development of technological products that guarantee fast and stable connectivity, but also being present on the ground and close to users’ needs – particularly over the past year and a half, a period that has brought deep-seated change to our society and to the world of business. The digital world has been one of the absolute leading players in the complex situation that we are still experiencing.
Innovation Center di Fondazione CR Firenze